NAMI El Paso Statement on El Paso Shooting

NAMI El Paso is heartbroken by yesterday’s horrific events. We are grieving with our community and mourning with  the families who have lost a loved one. This tragedy affects the mental health of El Pasoans, Texans, and Americans. Our local partner, Emergence Health Network, is encouraging those who are struggling to cope with yesterday’s tragic events to reach out to their Crisis Hotline at (915) 779-1800. 

Details are still unfolding and there are many questions that remain unanswered at this time. However, we are aware that there have been reports and statements regarding the mental health of the shooter. These tragedies have affected communities across our nation and it is important that we be willing to have an honest conversation and to continue the national discussion on prevention strategies, to include mental health and gun violence. 

One in five individuals in the United States are living with a mental health condition. Statistics have shown that individuals living with mental health conditions are more likely to be victims of violence. It is important that we are mindful with conversations in our families, our communities, and in the media to ensure that we do not make generalizations of mental health conditions or struggles and ensure we do not discourage individuals from seeking help. Stigma and stereotypes are the leading reason many people refrain from pursuing treatment.

We must work together to expand mental health awareness, and availability of services in our community. It is imperative that our communities are able to have conversations regarding the signs and symptoms of mental health conditions and know where to get help. Mental health professionals and organizations must come together to offer services to our community and help those who may experience barriers when seeking services. 

Our communities want an end to these horrific acts of violence. In order to do this, we need to understand the full picture of what is really driving this violence and take sensible steps. We must refrain from being quick on our judgements. Only then can we find meaningful solutions to protecting our children and communities.

NAMI El Paso will continue to share local resources for our community on Facebook and Twitter.

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