Searching for Young Adults to Share Their Story


NAMI El Paso is bringing a new presentation to the region, NAMI Ending the Silence. NAMI Ending the Silence is a free presentation designed to give audience members an opportunity to learn about mental health. It can be presented to students, parents, and teachers. Each presentation outlines symptoms of mental health conditions and gives attendees ideas about how to help themselves, friends, or family members who may need support. Presentations include personal testimony from a young adult living with a mental health condition and his/her journey to recovery.

NAMI El Paso, the local organization of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, along with the Junior League of El Paso , will offer NAMI Ending the Silence presenter trainings on 10/13/2018 and 12/1/2018.  To qualify, you must be:

  • a person in recovery of a mental health condition or

  • a family member or 

  • a young adult (ages 18-35), living in recovery

  • and have daytime availability 

If you’re interested call Denise Uga at
(915) 778-5726 or email her at

Isidro Torres